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There is a total of 228 active warnings

Insult Profile Warning Vortex DrkAngel Apr 19th 2016, 5:27am Never
Insult Day 1 Caesar Pretender Sep 20th 2015, 7:32am Never
Trolling Day 1 CatSkillZ Pretender Sep 19th 2015, 4:29am Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C Never under estimate the ignorance of a man. ______________________________ [url='']RS Gold[/url] [url='']Cheap RS Gold[/url] osrsgold4 Pretender Aug 28th 2015, 8:48am Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C So Whos Playing? cleopatra Pretender Feb 24th 2015, 12:16am Never
Notice Profile Warning ReFlex Kamil Feb 24th 2014, 5:51pm Aug 24th 2014, 6:51pm
Trolling Profile Warning Poot Kamil Feb 21st 2014, 1:56am Never
Notice Profile Warning Doc_Holliday Kamil Feb 12th 2014, 6:45pm Aug 12th 2014, 7:45pm
Insult Profile Warning Carlos Danger Kamil Jan 26th 2014, 6:25pm Never
Notice Profile Warning kill kill kill Kamil Jan 19th 2014, 8:44am Jul 19th 2014, 9:44am
Disregarding o Rules/T&C In accordance with data out of this have fun bellezsf Cofj May 13th 2013, 4:41am Never
Trolling Use of relics Doc_Holliday Borg Jan 7th 2013, 5:58pm Never
Trolling Use of relics @Rock@ Borg Jan 7th 2013, 5:38pm Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C Profile Warning @Rock@ Borg Dec 20th 2012, 3:35am Never
Insult Top 10 Alliances by Rank fairbairn1983 Borg Nov 24th 2012, 3:56am Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C W9 double standards fairbairn1983 Borg Nov 15th 2012, 2:10am Never
Insult Post # 151 - World 9 - World Discussions - Top 10 Alliances By Rank Thread - Borg Baldini Borg Oct 7th 2012, 4:51pm Never
Insult Rate the top alliances. THIEF Cofj Jul 9th 2012, 11:07pm Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C NmE vs Vets chivalry Ignomis Drakis Apr 23rd 2012, 11:13pm Never
Disregarding o Rules/T&C No Erkme Rich Ignomis Drakis Dec 22nd 2011, 4:17am Never